10th August 2022

Petersfield Police Station

We are extremely lucky in the UK to have some of the best historic buldings to be found anywhere. We take pride in our heritage. Keeping these buildings and other objects in prime condition demands the expertise and skill of our best restorers and conservators. Mike Holloway from deepest Devon was the person responsible for the restoration of the internal […]
29th July 2022

Bampton Vintage Caravan

I had been looking for a vintage caravan to renovate as a project for several years. All the ones I had been to see though did not have many of the original features left, and had been “improved” over the years. During lockdown in September 2020 I came across an advert on eBay for a 1951 Bampton caravan, in more […]
22nd June 2022

Japanese Street Organ

Michiya Hoshi from Mitsushima Japan with this fantastic street organ which uses hundreds of tiny round head wood screws.
9th November 2021

1975 replica of a Dalek

There is no telling where the next order for The Vintage Screw Company will come from as you can see from the photos we send screws to Skaro – not really, we sent them to Nick in The Midlands who’s been busy for the past year creating this arch enemy of Doctor Who. Sci-Fi writer Terry Nation created The Daleks […]
15th September 2021

1937 Morris 8 Series 1

CH in the West country finished this a couple of years ago after using our screws on this beauty. He is working on another vehicle, currently under wraps and has returned for more screws and coach bolts for his latest project. It will be interesting to see what it is. Brief history 1937 Morris 8  Series 1, 2 seater car. […]
15th August 2021

Seat Restoration by Louise from Buckinghamshire

An on trend project rescued from a household auction at a ridiculously low hammer price. Louise from Buckinghamshire had a new seat made up and restored the base before finishing it off with one of our replacement wing nuts.
4th August 2021

Sean Adams of Barkhouse Woodworks

Sean Adams of Barkhouse Woodworks will bring to fruition your ideas. This beautiful piece of Elm and an old whisky barrel hoop now has another use. “I had to have screws that looked the part so I came to you again”
6th November 2019

1935 Buick 8/50

Peter Stone from Victoria Australia used raised head Nickel plated screws for the restoration of the roof on this classic Buick from the 30’s. Peter also owns a couple of ‘oldies’ converted into Utes for use at the weekends. Only in Australia – That’s the life!
30th October 2019

Restored pair of tramp steamer deck chairs

David reclines in retirement in Spain on this painstakingly restored pair of tramp steamer deck chairs.
16th September 2019

Restoration of vintage suitcase radios

New catches fitted to factory spec using period correct screws. Colin updates these radios to use Bluetooth. After much searching, I have found a supply of perfect screws – Thank you” Colin Mitchelson – Northumberland Contact Colin: cmitchelson@aol.com
12th September 2019

1933 Sentinel S4 Steam Waggon (affectionately known as The Lion)

Derek Gransden – Kent, UK A classic barn find – a 1933 Sentinel S4 shaft driven (as opposed to chain) and a 4 wheeler. Derek rescued ‘The Lion’ from a slow, lingering demise after the Waggon had served loyally for 350 000 miles. Firstly, to the Devon Trading Co a builders merchant in Bideford after loyal service in WWII it […]
6th September 2019

Erard Gothic Harp restoration

Steffan Jones Harps Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SteffanJonesHarps
12th July 2019

Restoration of a Clown Catcher Penny Arcade Machine

LB – South Coast