Sydney Observatory Domed Roof

Sydney Observatory Domed Roof


Last year we provided some extra large brass wood screws for restoration work on the domed roof of the Sydney Observatory.

Working closely with Tim Morris the Senior Conservator at The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney we were able to supply a substantial quantity of extra large brass wood screws that were unavailable anywhere else. A year later Tim wrote:

“Please find attached images of restoration work to the Observatory Dome which could not have been completed without your supply of screws. We knew we had a problem when we were finding that screws from an earlier restoration were failing and falling out.

We had the Dome lifted then removed the outer weather cowling to access the laminated timber beam and cast iron bearing caps to find that the screws used to secure the beams and the bearing caps were loose, bent or were missing.

Once we had levelled the Dome and the beam, we removed the original screws and the loose screws section by section. After redowelling the stripped holes the beam sections could be secured once more with correct, vintage grade replacement screws.”

Many thanks
Tim Morris

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